Application Security

Due to the pressure to release quickly, the in-depth security checks are often incomplete which will result in vulnerabilities that can be exploited. At Foretheta, we fill that gap by providing comprehensive end-to-end security assessment that includes code review, threat analysis, penetration testing and more.

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Making web applications safe

No matter what service you’re providing through your application, security should be among the top priorities. Companies that neglect to secure their applications are risking to lose customer trust or damaged reputation.

The big challenge is how to keep up with the latest attack methods to maintain a high-security level. At Foretheta, our experts are always seeking the latest updates in the security realm to provide a comprehensive assessment with actionable advice.

Our application security services

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Penetration testing

We identify vulnerabilities in your application and attempting to exploit them to penetrate into the system

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Vulnerability assessment

We scan your application and estimate how susceptible it is to different vulnerabilities

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Security Infrastructure

We help you protect your infrastructure from internal and external malicious attacks

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Security Analysis

We identify security issues and provide guidance on how to cure them and make your application considerably safe

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Security Engineering

We build security components into your application and resolve any security incidents

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Web Application Firewall

We set up firewalls that filters, monitors, and blocks HTTP traffic to and from your web application