What is Business Automation?

Business Process Automation is the procedure through which software or technology enables business organizations to do tasks automatically. A software product helps you automate mundane tasks, whether they are marketing emails, chatbots, or workflow. It helps by replacing human interaction with everyday tasks and doing them automatically.

Business Automation tools

Despite advancement in technology, project managers in the IT and software solutions industry struggle to complete projects within the given time and budget. We asked our project manager, Yassine Tounsi, about the challenges the project managers face that can be resolved by automation. He listed the following challenges and suggested some useful tools.


Mundane, repetitive work: Automated systems are more reliable and visible than those handled by humans. We can expect errors, especially when someone is doing repetitive, mundane tasks. This includes automatically creating template cards on Trello, moving cards on Github, or even adding contacts to CRM.

Lack of Productivity: Software projects can be overwhelming with the client’s expectations, tight budgets, demanding deadlines. It can often cause a lack of creativity and productivity amongst the team members. Producing seamless projects with minimal bugs is the ideal goal of every project manager.

Poor workflow management: Although software projects at Foretheta follow the agile methodology, it does not mean there aren’t any hiccups in the workflow. Managing time and planning the project around stages, and ensuring that the team stays efficient is a challenge for the team lead.


Process Automation: A Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Business Process Automation (BPA) tool will help you follow the exact steps and protocols as instructed. Power Automate and Logic Apps provided by Microsoft are useful tools that could be used to increase process efficiency.

Macro, addons, and Build-in features: Some platforms have macros, add-ons, and built-in features that save time and effort. Browsers and Google products addons are good examples. You will also find it extremely helpful to use Macros and tools pro vided by Notepad++ or Microsoft Excel.

Apps Automation: Using multiple business applications is really challenging. Indeed, you will have the need to connect one or two apps with a particular workflow. Hopefully, some excellent tools are now available such as Zapier, IFTTT, and automate.io

How to select your automation tool?

The main idea is to save time and cost while producing optimal results. Prioritizing tasks and organizing workflow is crucial to the success of any project. The first step is to recognize and identify those tasks that need automation. Always choose those assignments or tasks that are tedious and require hours of manual work or complicated calculations. The next step is to select a business automation tools company that has a reputation of providing smooth working tools. Do your research for the best business automation tools in America and narrow down your options. Finally, contact a team that can evaluate your current workflow so that they can work in partnership with you to curtail costs and improve overall efficiency.