Foretheta is a fast-growing company building leading-edge products. Our tech stack is built with Python and services provided by AWS. Our frontend builds currently use JavaScript and ReactJS. We do a lot of data science and machine learning. We don't fill roles; we look for people with passion.

Senior Software Developer

About Foretheta

Foretheta is a US-based company helping customers building their innovative IT products and delivering data engineering services, i.e., big data analytics and machine learning. Foretheta is a remote-first company. This means that our remote employees, from all over the world, are first class team members and do not have to deal with teams centralized around a particular city.

Job description

The ideal candidate will have a strong architectural understanding of the building blocks of highly scalable production systems, understanding of algorithms, data structures, cutting edge web technologies, machine learning and data engineering. You will be part of a collaborative team responsible for meeting customer requirements and leading our technical team. You will own significant portions of the product and have a significant influence on product features and system architecture.

  • You will lead technical projects end-to-end to build robust, scalable products from scratch and collaborate well with other software engineers in diagnosing, fixing, and preventing production issues
  • You will work closely with the project manager and other engineers to develop new features, and maintain and enhance existing functionalities
  • You will identify, design and build internal tooling that will increase the productivity of our developers.
  • You will identify and resolve performance, scalability and data integrity issues
  • You will review developers' code, provide feedback and develop team knowledge
  • You will set and maintain a high-quality bar in the architecture, application stability and performance, and code hygiene
  • Bachelor's degree or higher, in Computer Science or related field
  • 5+ years of software engineering experience
  • Proficiency with Java, Javascript, Python, ReactJS
  • Familiar with AWS services such as EC2, EBS, S3, DynamoDB, Lambda, API Gateway, etc.
  • Experience with DevOps, RESTful API, Machine Learning and Big Data tools
  • Knowledge in CI/CD, unit tests, git and agile methodology
  • Deployment of scalable web applications with architectural requirements for high availability, highly secure high throughput, low response time, etc.
  • Emphasis on writing clear, readable, testable, deployable, monitored code for server-side applications
  • Excellent communication and demonstrated ability to achieve stretch goals in a highly innovative and fast-paced environment
  • A remote-first culture where team members work remotely. No need to commute to an office, if you don't want to.
  • No vacation tracking; you take them as needed. We honor national holidays for your region.
  • For those who don’t like to work from home, we cover the cost of a desk at the co-working space of your choice
  • Conferences and career development
How interviews typically go
  • Three simple coding exercises to assess basic technical skills.
  • A behavioral interview with a technical project manager on our team to assess your soft skills, problem-solving skills and communication.
  • A technical interview with an engineer on our team to review your technical knowledge, listen to your experience and share what the day to day job is like.
  • A paid 4-week trial period (limited number of hours), for you to experience working in Foretheta and see if it’s the right fit before moving to a full-time contract and for us to ensure that you are able to fulfill the requirements of the job.

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