Data Engineering

Foretheta’s mission is to help companies analyze data to make better decisions. Enhancing productivity, increasing sales and customer satisfaction are the main advantages that Big data and AI can give to business owners. Studies show that companies adopting AI and ML have boosted their performance. At Foretheta, we’re deeply focused on solving data wrangling and help your business thrive.

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A proven skill set and framework

Today everyone is talking about Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. These overlapping concepts are tightly related to complex operations, even though they may intend to achieve some basic needs; companies are looking, nowadays, to automate and unify processes and infrastructures, analyze customer preferences, and process ERP data for better performance and sales.

Companies that want to be more productive, or develop new winning solutions will need to embrace data science to make it happen. Foretheta can help!

How to help your business with Big data and AI?

We’ve seen a lot of businesses struggle to get started over the years, and some that have thrived. Companies that succeed in their Big data/AI projects start simple. They start with a single goal or project, but they have a strategic vision for the future. The following white paper will help you understand some of the key elements on how to help your business with Big data and AI:

  • From where the data come?
  • Why exploiting this data?
  • The myth of the big investment
  • Experience and expertise are keys
  • Beyond Big Data
  • Applications of AI/ML

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Our Data Engineering Services

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Reviewing your current data architecture to analyze data sources and define data lakes

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Cleaning, processing, and transforming data into usable formats for model development

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Building data pipelines that gather, process, store, and help access data

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Consult on selecting the best fitting big data analytics tools and products for your project

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Helping choose among big data platforms for managing your data infrastructures