Our Process

Well-structured processes describe how things could be done and allow us to focus on making always better outcomes. We believe that having processes in place and sharing them with clients in an early stage is the prerequisite to the success of any business organization.

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Step 1: Let's Meet


Let us catch up over a coffee, phone call, or web conference and discuss your vision and the problem you want to solve. Go ahead and submit a brief explanation of your project and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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Step 2: Storyboarding

Foretheta + Customer

After our meeting, we will write user stories that clearly define the scope of the project. We put your requirements down into a document. This clearly defines the scope of projects and ensure both parties know what we are getting into.

  • Subject matter and data can be openly discussed
  • Minimum viable product is achievable in 4 to 6 weeks
  • Technical fit for the skillset of the Foretheta team
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Step 3: Prototyping and UX

Foretheta + Customer

Our design team creates the wireframes for the user stories and presents them to you. We get your feedback and incorporate them and come up with the designs we will be building on. For backend projects with no or little UI, we put together request and response interfaces for the APIs being built.

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Step 4: Sprints


We break our product development cycle into many sprints that are about 3 weeks each. Each sprint has a monday morning sprint planning meeting and daily ten minute stand ups. At the second friday we have a sprint conclusion demo and a retrospective.

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Step 5: Feedback

Foretheta + Customer

We set up a staging server where our continuous delivery manager will automatically deploy the latest code we push. You can check the status of your project anytime on our staging server and provide us feedback.

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Step 6: Acceptance and Completion


Once we deliver a user story, you can test it out on staging server and accept the story or give us feedback if any. Once all the stories have been accepted by you, we prepare the project for delivery and give you a documentation of our work.